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Is it for your lips? Is it for your cheeks? It’s for both. C-ra-zy staff! This water tint gives your lips and cheeks a super natural color hint. You want a brighter color? Apply the tint in several layers! You can get everything you want.


Makeup that will boost your creativity and inspiration? That’s it, you found it! With SODA no paths are bound!

Is it for your lips? Is it for your cheeks? Or maybe both? No limits, only your imagination. C-r-a-z-y! Water tint that gives your lips (and cheeks!) a super juicy yet natural hue.

Want a more intense colour? Get it layered! The more, the brighter! You can get everything you want.

The water-based tint features a light texture, gets absorbed instantly and gives the lip skin a long-lasting shade. You can achieve light to rich application of pigment with layering variations. The tint can be used as a blush.

Apply to the lips and cheeks and blend out until desired effect is achived.

Size/Weight: 10ml


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Usually it takes 2-4 days once dispatched. This is unfortunately not a guaranteed service, but our shippers are working their hardest to get you your order in a timely manner.

Can I track my order?
Yes you will receive a tracking number, via email, corresponding to your order when it has been dispatched. 

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Good to know


Does not contain any paraben ingredients e.g. methylparaben, propylparaben.


Does not contain any silicone ingredients e.g. cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone.


Does not contain any sulfate ingredients e.g. SLS, SLES.


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For lips and cheeks.

SODA Water Tint #cheekylips features a light texture that feels weightless on your skin. It gets absorbed instantly and doesn’t spread where you don’t want it to. You can achieve a more intense colour by applying the Tint with layering variations. 

Beauty plus care.

Water Tint #cheekylips, being one of SODA best-sellers, features a special formula that leaves your lips moisturized and naturally flushed for hours. Water Tint has a non-sticky texture and gets absorbed instantly so you don’t have to to worry about your hair sticking to your lips.


The formula of Water Tint #cheekylips allows for a long-lasting, rich shade. You don’t have to worry about drinking another cup of coffee during the day as the colour of your lips will remain bright and rich as if you’ve just put on this juicy Lip Tint.

Tint on-the-go.

Water Tint #cheekylips comes in a very convenient size and is easy to take along. The cap adjusts firmly to the main body of the tint so you shouldn’t worry about it spilling out in your bag. The tint brush doesn’t allow any spare drops to fall while you apply it, making it easy for you to use the Tint whenever you want.