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Looking for a way to get your eyeliner on fleek? This. Is. It. Super precise lines are within your grasp. Whoop, whoop! Turn the music on, put on your celebration smile, and get the eyeliner party started.


SODA is like a friend that treats you kindly, smiles right at you, helps you fly to rainbows and pink skies and lets you be you. It is a friend that offers you a safe zone where you can explore yourself and show the world who you are.

And one of the ways to show your individuality is your eyeliner! And this one – it’s with glitter! Like a dream, right? Now it’s time to get your wings on fleek! Super precise lines are here, within your grasp.

SODA Glitter Eyeliner is vegan and cruelty-free following on the Brand Values. It’s also alcohol-free which means it won’t dry your skin!

Whoop, whoop! Turn the music on, put on your celebration smile, and get the eyeliner party started.

The liquid eyeliner offers a long-wearing texture and rich color with sparkling glitter. Felted tip and convenient packaging allows you to get arrows of any complexity. You will surely find a shade to your taste among the wide palette range.

Waterproof long lasting formula stays on all day long regardless of oil and tears. Easy to use and ultra-fine brush can help you create unique look for every situation.

For subtle definition, draw the liquid eyeliner tightly along your lash line. For classic cat eye look, draw feline flicks at the outer corners.

Sketch along the lash line.

Size/Weight: 3ml


How long does International delivery take?

Usually it takes 2-4 days once dispatched. This is unfortunately not a guaranteed service, but our shippers are working their hardest to get you your order in a timely manner.

Can I track my order?
Yes you will receive a tracking number, via email, corresponding to your order when it has been dispatched. 

Returns & refunds
If you are looking to return your item, we are happy to either exchange or refund your order if returned within 14 days.
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Good to know


Not tested on animals.


Does not contain any paraben ingredients e.g. methylparaben, propylparaben.


Does not contain any sulfate ingredients e.g. SLS, SLES.


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Long-lasting liquid eyeliner

SODA Glitter Eyeliner #guyliner offers a long-lasting texture with waterproof formula which helps your makeup stay in place all day long regardless of oil or tears. With this eyeliner you can dance in the rain or go to the movies to watch the saddest drama!

Perfect eye look

Glitter Eyeliner #guyliner offers rich colours with sparkling glitter. It is an ideal eyeliner to draw precise lines for cute cat eyes. This eyeliner easily hugs the shape of your eye and leaves no bald areas along the way. It can also be used as a top for your wings to add a little sparkle to your look.

7 highly pigmented shades

Liquid-gel formula of Glitter Eyeliner #guyliner helps keep glitter in place and prevent fallout of sparkles. The colour range also provides a wide choice of shade to suit all types of your mood and colours of your makeup. And the names of the shades – different famous guys. Can you guess them all?

Precise brush tip

Glitter Eyeliner #guyliner is perfect when you need to draw thin and precise line. The brush is made of soft cruelty-free synthetic material – nylon, which allows for the sufficient use of any product, easily transfers it on your skin and will not irritate it.