Satin lipstick... is it really made of satin??

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Hey everyone, today we want to talk a bit about lipstick. There are so many kinds it can feel overwhelming!

For example, satin lipstick. Maybe you know why it's called "satin"? You might think of satin fabric first.

But spoiler alert: this lipstick isn't actually made of satin! 

There's just a few things in common between them.

Let's take a look!

Satin is a special fabric weave with a glossy, smooth surface and gentle shine. Sound familiar?!

Yeah, satin lipstick also has a soft flow and sits gently on the lips, almost like silk! And it shimmers so beautifully in the sun. Only this lipstick's shine isn't from an interweaving of fibers. It actually comes from its creamy texture that radiates warmth from deep inside.

There's no glitter at all! The shine is all from the lipstick's gentle oils. Pretty cool, huh?

Satin lipsticks look great with any makeup: in the evening, daytime or at parties. There are so many colors! You'll find the perfect match to show who you are. 

Before putting on any type of lipstick, we suggest using a lip scrub. Have you seen how pretty they look? Just try not to eat it! 

Plus if you don't have any blush, you can use lipstick instead. Just put a few dabs on your cheeks and blend with your finger to refresh your makeup like magic! That's our fav!

Choose your color!

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