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Now, have your ever seen anything like this? We. Are. Stunned. If these gorgeous mermaid tails don't boost your creativity, than what does? Different sizes, different colors, but the same swag. Just for you. Ready to shine? Bet you are!


Haben Sie so etwas schon einmal gesehen? Wir. Gibt. Betäubt. Wenn diese wunderschönen Meerjungfrauenschwänze Ihre Kreativität nicht anregen, was dann? Verschiedene Größen, verschiedene Farben, aber die gleiche Großartigkeit. Nur für dich. Bist du bereit zu glänzen? Wetten, dass Sie es sind!
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All you need.

The set includes 5 all-in-one brushes: Powder Brush, Contouring Brush, Eye Shading, Eye Shading Angled, Brow Brush. These are enough to bring any of your idea to life! It’s not necessary to be a professional makeup artist to create a master piece, you just need the right tools! And here you found them! Don’t forget to clean these beauties after every use!

Synthetic material.

In SODA we care greatly not only about the quality of our products, but about the world around us as well. That’s why for these brushes we’ve chosen soft cruelty-free synthetic material suitable for all skin types – nylon. It allows for the sufficient use of any product, easily transfers it on your skin and will not irritate it.

Excellent makeup performance.

SODA brush set is designed to simplify your daily beauty routine and organize your beauty space. These brushes can be used with liquid, creamy or powder eyeshadows, blushes and foundations. By the way, they come in a nice brush case so while travelling you can take all your brushes with you without worrying about damaging them! 

Make a cool gift.

SODA #mermaidtails Brush Set is suitable for your highly important makeup use, and you also can purchase this set as a valuable gift for your friends, family or lived ones! Its nice case makes for a cute package! You already have in mind who’s gonna love it so hurry up and let’s spread these amazing creativity tools everywhere!