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This amazing contour combines several pigments that work together to recreate natural shading and dimension on the face.


Diese erstaunliche Kontur kombiniert mehrere Pigmente, die zusammenarbeiten, um natürliche Schattierungen und Dimensionen im Gesicht zu erzeugen. Verwenden Sie es, um dramatische Effekte oder weiche Definitionen zu erzielen. Die Formel ist knitterfrei und setzt sich nicht in feinen Linien oder Poren ab. So haben Sie den ganzen Tag fabelhafte Wangenknochen.
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Good to know


Does not contain any sulfate ingredients e.g. SLS, SLES.


Does not contain alcohol or ethanol.


Not tested on animals.


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Smooth application.

SODA Dry Contouring #easyskinny is made to delicately adjust to your facial traits. The texture is easy to blend and lays down leaving a natural shadow. Dry Contouring can be layered so as to create shadows with varying intensity. It’ll leave you at your #nofilter best!

Crease-proof formula.

Dry Contouring #easyskinny is used to create a dramatic effect in your creative makeups or just some soft definition for your everyday looks. The formula is crease-proof and won’t settle into fine lines or pores. Enjoy your fabulous cheekbones all day long!

Perfectly compatible.

Dry Contouring #easyskinny is used as a second step in sculpting the perfect frame of your face. It easy lays on any SODA foundation and is perfectly compatible with other facial products. After finishing with contour, swipe the blush on the apples of your cheeks and add highlight to illuminate the highest points of the face.

Contour you’ve dreamt about.

Dry Contouring #easyskinny comes in 2 shades – Coffee Cake and Chocolate Doughnut. Due to the shade colours it can help you visually model your face: make your nose smaller, define your cheeks or just add a highlight to your look. The components of its formula allow for everyday use.