Who wants to be a star?

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But who really can be one? 

We say - every single one of you! 

SODA Makeup Ambassadors in Russia

No matter where you live or what you look like. The important thing is that you express yourselves your own way! 

Got something to tell the world? 

Social networks help your dreams come true. You can make a cool video and wake up famous the next day. Have you tried this one? 

Last year we gave a chance to our Russian squad to make their voice heard and become Soda Ambassadors.

We fixed a TikTok contest #wearesoda. The point was to create a look with the word Soda drawn on your body and post a cool video on TikTok.

Take a look at that hashtag to find lots of gifted people!

We were impressed!

The hashtag gained more than 25 🍋 viewers, get it? 


In the end we picked 3 of those guys and gave them one unforgettable weekend in St. Petersburg.

They took part in a great shoot with a whole bunch of pros and came up on the main page of our website. How cool is that? 

And surely they got loads of Soda products to create their sparkling looks and express themselves.

Take a look at how it was! 



SODA Makeup Ambassador in Russia


SODA Makeup Ambassador in Russia


SODA Makeup Ambassador in Russia


Fancy a chance? 

We are to hold similar events in every country we appear seeking for true stars among you, darlings!

Cause every single one of you is beautiful and unique! Love ya! 

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