What is the point of a beauty fridge?

So is beauty fridge really necessary in one’s beauty routine?

Hint- not really, but it feels like such a steal every time we see one, right 😊

pink beauty fridge

Let's go through main beauty fridge POS’s and CON’s:

(-) Most of cosmetic products (if not all) are developed and meant to be stored at a room temperature.  If specific temperature- controlled conditions are needed, it will be indicated by a special marking.

(-) It definitely is an EXTRA and and some may say it is a waste of money.

(+) Though it is such an eye- candy and will definitely make your IG beauty posts rock!

(-) It comes handy when traveling too ( road trips that is). It has a nice handle on top to carry it around.

(+) And it definitely makes you feel special and grown- up having a separate fridge  just for skincare! Yay!

beauty fridge open


What can be stored there and what’s not recommended:

A big yes to eye patches and cooling masks!

Beauty gadgets and rollers of all kinds will also do better when chilled.

Things to store: toners and tonics, essences, creams.

Do avoid cold environments for your awesome oil-based products, foundations and lipsticks  as they will lose their texture due to oils thickening at low temperatures 😬

You can totally use your regular fridge for your beauty needs!  But don’t complain some of the products and gadgets might come out with a hint of your favorite noodles !

Last but not the least, this gorgeous gadget can be a fantastic gift for a friend who has it all! Heck, I‘d love to be that friends myself! 

So are you team beauty fridge or not?

Beauty fridge with Soda

PIC: beauty fridge from COOL BEAUTY BOX:

Pink beauty fridge



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