What eyeshadow color to choose?

Posted by Marina Muraveva on

We are here to tell you, but the choice is all yours.

In fact, we are up for variety and for self-expression but just in case you need a little hint.

There is a wide variety of colors in the eyeshadow palettes and the largest we have is 16!

 Girl with Soda palettes

If you love experiments as well, take any of them and mix them up, create and let us know! 

If you want to create a thoughtful eye makeup that will highlight your beauty, here are some tips:

For dark eyes (brown): chocolate and brown shades, plum, silver. 

All these shades are in the CREATE YO SCELF 002 palette.

Create yoscelf palette

For green eyes: brown, golden, copper, emerald, light yellow, plum.  You’d better avoid blue and pink. 

Here CREATE YO SCELF 003 palette comes handy.

Create yoscelf palette

Fits blue eyes: dark chocolate, gray, sand, golden, honey, brown.  All shades are collected in the CREATE YO SCELF 001 palette.

If you make expressive eyes, leave some light gloss for the lips. Might be “too much” otherwise. 

You don’t have to match your shadows with outfit in everyday life. Tiny color accents will do. 

For example, an arrow to match your socks or suit.  That’s cool!  We have so many colors!

 If you still haven't figured out how to mix colors, we have ready-made solutions.

  Shadow duo. They have already thought it through.  Feel free to use them together.  The main thing is to shade ‘em up properly 😊

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