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Products used in this makeup look: 

  1. Brow pencil #gellicious - 001 (Tough cookie) 
  2. Velvet eye pencil #eyeloveunicorns  - 006 (Blue Macaroon)
  3. Selfie Foundation #coverup - 004 (Make it Happen) 
  4. Ultra Tubing Mascara #mermaidsmascara  - 001 (Marmaid Kisses) 
  5. Eye dust #eyeliketoparty - 004 (Dippy Doll) 
  6. Lip pencil #unicorngossip  - 010 (Sky High) 
  7. Lash&brow fixer #sharingscaring 
  8. Lipstick #talkofthetown -  010 (Irl) 
  9. Eyeshadow palette #eyeloveyou - 004 (I only have eyes for you) 
  10. Eye marker #makeitpop -  003 (Brigitte)
  11. Eye marker #makeitpop - 006 (Sophia) 


    Let’s get started by applying Selfie Foundation in 004. You can blend it into skin with a sponge using a tapping motion to achieve smooth even coverage. 


    Grab Brow pencil in 001 and draw the top and bottom lines on your eyebrows to define them, then fill the space in between with the brow pencil. Try gentler strokes in the inner corners of your eyebrows for a smooth finish and more natural look. 


    Fix the eyebrows with clear Lash & Brow Fixer, which will get the hairs stay in the right direction and add the thickness with just a swipe. 


    Let’s move on to eyes! Blend a thick layer of eyeshadow (Eyeshadow Palette 004 I only have eyes for you, shade 5) all over your crease. 


    Now cover your eyelids with shade 1 (Eyeshadow Palette in 004) avoiding the outer corner of the eye. 

    Blend shade 5 (Eyeshadow Palette in 004) into your bottom eyelid, then go with Velvet eye pencil in 006 (Blue Macaroon) to make it pop! 


    Apply sparkling eyeshadow (Eye Dust in 004 Dippy Doll) to highlight the inner corners of both eyes, then dust it neatly just below your eyebrows for an extra eye-brightening effect. The best trick for opening up your eyes! 


    Use Eye Marker in 003 (Brigitte) with a thin tip for extra precise and elegant eye lines. Simply draw the outline and fill in the space between. 


    Wouldn’t be New Year makeup look without SNOWFLAKES! So I draw them with Eye Marker in 006 (Sophia). It’s a bit of a challenge to do it over a layer of eyeshadow (‘cause the liner blends up with the eyeshadow texture) so you’ll have to apply the marker in several neat layers. 


    Apply Ultra Tubing Mascara in 001 (Mermaid) to your upper and lower lashes. 


    Time for white snow-like freckles, straight from the fairy tale! Randomly dot on from the bridge of the nose to the top of your cheekbones with white Eye Marker in 006.


    Outline the lip contour with Lip Pencil in 010 (Sky High)


    Last but not least, Lipstick - Irl 010 will help you create truly ice-queen look. Just apply it in several layers, this way lipstick will go on more even and last longer! 


    To make sure the whole look turns out sophisticated and truly festive, just add a couple of cool accessories! And you’re ready to rock the New Year party! By the way, what winter character do you most associate this look with? Probably Queen Elsa from “Frozen”? Share in the comments below 😉


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