6 ways to get creative with SODA METALLIC LIP LIQUID in your makeup routine

Posted by Suzy Kozjak on

Well… let’s get down to business!

  1. It may sound trivial but just apply it on your lips. There are actually a couple of genius tricks here: you can either cover your lips with bold color or apply the lip liquid along your natural lip line and blend it with a brush or a finger to create the color gradient of DIY ombré lips. You’ll love that feeling of galactic glow!

  2. Best long-lasting eyeshadow! If you’re gonna party all night, this hack will come in handy. Keep it simple with one layer of lip liquid on your eyelids along with black eye lines to achieve a wow-effect!

  3. Use it as Eyeliner! Experiment with your makeup by using a slanted liner brush for extra precise application. Just one line makes a huge difference in shaping your eye look!

  4. Try the Metallic Eyebrow Trend to REALLY emphasize your eyebrows! First things first, you want to make sure that your look serves you all day long so grab SODA LASH & BROW FIXER and brush your brow hairs up with an applicator in the direction they grow. Then draw a fine line just under the eyebrows or start filling them with METALLIC LIP LIQUID. Opt for a shade to match your natural eye color. Nailed!

  5. Embrace the trend that is bringing back the 60s: arch-like lines. Use a fine angled brush to apply the lines following the shape of your eyes. Just like in the picture below! 

  6. Another genuine makeup trick is using METALLIC LIP LIQUID in 001 (Morning light) as highlighter! Though, keep in mind that you’d better blend it faster because of the lip-liquid texture. Apply some on your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and upper lip, then blend it carefully with your fingertips.

Just in case YOU have any hacks on how else you can use this MAGICAL STARDUST, come on, drop a comment below!

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